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We Are a SEO, Lead Generation, and Media Advertising Firm Located in Chicago, IL

So you have customers, but need help getting more! Or, you are a brand new business that is struggling with creating a solid way to attract customers. To succeed, you need a predictable system and consistent process to get targeted customers interested in what you offer. BlossomMark helps accomplish this by providing an affordable suite of digital marketing solutions designed for YOUR business. By using a mix of local SEO, lead generation, website design, content marketing, and media advertising and promotion, we can help you attract more customers and leads that will grow and expand your business.

We Provide Digital Platform, Radio, and Podcast Advertising Services

In addition to helping you obtain your ideal clients through targeted lead generation and helping you reach the top of Google (thus, outranking your competitors), we also offer the opportunity for regular media promotion on our digital TV platform (BIBO Weekly!)  cand radio and podcast platform (The B Zone). This will provide another powerful outlet to let the world know about your products, services and/or missions!

We Provide Online Training To Help You Grow, Scale, and Manage Your Business

In order to succeed online, you have to understand how to better position yourself or your brand, so that you can reach your ideal audience. Thus, in addition to the amazing services we provide, we are very passionate about educating our customers and clients so that they can be effective in their day-to-day activities to grow their business. Get plugged in to our online training via webinars and soon to come weekly videos on our YouTube channel that will help you have a better understanding of various topics (marketing, team building, social media, etc.) that will help you and your brand succeed!

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